What does a family of 6 eat on a budget?

Im SO glad you asked!

I wrote a post on instagram about cooking whole chickens and how my mind shifted in regards to cooking our food and how I think about the food I make now.

It started because we became broke. And I don’t mean, “oh, we really need to cut back on our grocery budget”, I mean like we had $100 in our checking account one time and we had to split that between a bill and groceries for a week…we have four kids and one of them is on FORMULA. Yeah.

I grew up in a home where budgets were not even really talked about. My dad made really good money, obviously not when I was a kid and when they were first starting out, but they only had one child and weren’t hurting for anything.

As I got older, my dad started making better money and my mom would buy everything Trader Joes, almost nothing in bulk and not very much made from scratch. I am not bagging on this way of life, I am just explaining that it didn’t prepare me for a life that was on a much much much smaller budget and with MANY MORE CHILDREN lol.

One day, Jose and I will not be in this predicament but right now we are, and we have to adjust. Especially me. My husband grew up poor and went day to day without knowing where his next meal would be most days. When we were in high school, he would eat our house for dinner most nights during the week. And if he didn’t, he ate $1 tacos from Jack in the box that was down the street. Again, not saying anything is bad about this kind of life, this is just a fact. His mom worked many jobs at the same time, single mom, four kids and worked her ass off. They just didn’t have enough food.

So he still has that mentality. When it looks like we don’t have enough food, he accepts it and decides in his mind that we will have to tough it out.

I do not have this same kind of mentality.

It is not acceptable to me if we won’t have enough food, so I always make it a point to make things in bulk or from scratch, so that we have SOMETHING.

It is not always healthy but my kids eat.

We are lucky and get WIC, which is honestly a life saver sometimes for formula and baby food.

But this is typically what we eat weekly:


-Whole chickens, made in the crockpot

-Ground beef, we have been getting the not-so-lean kind because it is cheaper and I put in spaghetti since you can’t really taste the fat. PLUS, fat IS GOOD FOR YOU. So as long as you keep in mind that you will be eating a large amount of fat from your meat, you can adjust your fat throughout the rest of the day, if you aren’t doing Keto.

-Hummus (only a couple of my kids actually like this. Plus my husband is allergic beans so he can’t eat it. This makes eating a budget extra tough. 

-Pita bread, for the hummus



-Potatoes (my kids absolutely hate potatoes and will not eat them without gagging and whining the entire time, so I don’t make these for them)

-Rice or Quinoa

-Frozen veggies like broccoli and cauliflower 


-Frozen berries for kids’ snacks


-Block cheese

-homemade muffins and sometimes biscuits or cornbread muffins


-Salsa/hot sauce

-Tortillas (can make burritos, quesadillas, or dip in salsa or hummus, or egg burritos for breakfast)

-Sour Cream (my husband I love to eat quesadillas with salsa and sour cream)


-Or homemade soup loaded with veggies and left over pulled chicken from the crockpot, or sausage which is always cheaper than ground beef. 


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