Trying out to be a SPIN INSTRUCTOR

A few weeks ago I went into a spin studio that is down the street from my house.

I had just been told by Orange Theory Fitness that I didn’t get the sales job there because of my schedule. They only pay $12/hr so it had to be my second job if I got it. So my availability just wouldn’t work for what they needed.

I was so bummed. I really wanted to work for OTF. Since I am also getting my CPT, I wanted to have my foot in the door to be able to train there as well. Oh well, some doors close, so better ones can open right?

So on my way home from work, I stopped in this place, called Rebel Spin. Its SO cute. It has light oak wood nailed to the back wall, the colors are black and white for their brand, they have strung up black lights hanging in the lobby…the whole shabang.

I thought, why not? I’ll just go in and ask if they’re hiring. They will probably tell me no.

I walk in and the girl at the front desk asks me if I have a resume. I say no, I was just on my way home but I live down the street and can go get one. She’s no worries, I’ll give your info to the owner and she will give you a call. A class was in session and it sounded like they were hard core jammin in there. Which sounds AMAZING.

So I go home. Next thing I know, I get a call about 30 mins later, one of the owners call me and she was the girl instructing the class while I was there. She asks me if I want to do the class at 6:45 and try it out and bring my resume if I have one.

And I was like, HELL YES lady.

So I do what she says, stop in for the next class (literally a 3 minute drive from my front door) give her my resume and she tells me to jump on a bike and we’ll talk after.

That ride was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was a rhythm ride and they go to the beat of the music, its super upbeat, very loud and you feel like you’re by yourself in this huge group of women (and a few men sometimes, go you guys!). I ended up seeing about 5 people that I knew while I was there and they’ve all been going for awhile. I had no idea.

I’ve done spin before but not a spin studio, they are VERY different and so much better in my opinion.

After class, I talked to the owner and she was so encouraging and fun to talk to, I thought to myself, this seems like no place I have ever worked before. What if I could actually work here and be surrounded by this much positivity all the time?

While talking to her and telling her about myself, she asked, “Have you ever thought about being an instructor?” and said “NO” haha It has never even crossed my mind.

She let me know that they were going to be holding auditions in a couple weeks and that I should try out.

They let me attend classes for the next couple of weeks so I could understand how their class structure is set up. I tried out about 5 days ago and was extremely nervous. I had never instructed before but it has always been a dream of mine to instruct SOMETHING in the fitness industry. But with four kids and working, it just never happened. I also haven’t finished my CPT yet so I have to wait until I can instruct in that area. But THIS??? I don’t have to wait??? THAT IS SO COOL.

I left the audition feeling so full of nerves and adrenaline. I thought there was no way they were going to choose me. They had so many awesome people try out that are experienced. I was too nervous. 

3 days went by and I heard nothing. So I accepted the fact that I probably wasn’t chosen and that was okay, it just wasn’t my time. BUT then, I got an email the 4th day from one of the other owners saying she wanted to meet with me and chat.

Yesterday I met with that owner at the yoga studio she ALSO owns and she explained that she wanted to bring me on but have me work at the front desk first for the first few weeks and get trained on the bike before starting to lead classes.

So now, I am the newest addition to REBEL SPIN guys!!

Super excited. If you live in the Temecula/Murrieta area, hit it up and see what its all about 🙂