I didn’t wear make-up to work today

Today I chose not to wear makeup.

It really wasn’t to make any statement, it just happened that way.

I’ve been using a new face wash and moisturizer and I could tell my skin needed a break from my foundation so I let it rest.

Just to clarify, I did wear mascara because…you have to wear mascara. lol

But I noticed how uncomfortable I felt and that I kept trying to make sure that I angled my face a certain way when I spoke to someone, or was moving my hair and making it “extra” fluffy to gain more attention than my face.

I was SO uncomfortable.

I literally couldn’t wait to get home. I even thought about wearing makeup once I got home…but then I rethought that ridiculous thought.

Why do I feel this way? Why am I THIS uncomfortable in my own skin?

My work is a very relaxed place. It’s a restoration and construction company where I do sales and marketing for them. Its mostly guys but there is one lady there and she’s awesome. She’s much older than me and probably would prefer it if I didn’t wear make-up! You know how us girls can be.

I just felt like it was so dumb that I was acting this way and in one moment, I just decided to stop it.

My boss came in to ask me a question and he didn’t look at me funny or make me feel like he was staring at something on my face…He was speaking normally.

Gasp! What????

People treat me the same way as they do when I DO wear makeup?

This seems like such a simple concept, but it was actually foreign to me. I truly thought people would treat me differently, how sad is that?!

So after my convo with him, I chose to simply embrace it and be proud of how I look without make-up. This is who I am and who God made me and its the face my husband loves and HAS to see every night and every morning.

He, of course, tells me, “Babe I think you’re more beautiful without make-up.”

Good husband’s always say that and honestly I think they’re lying. Its okay though, they SHOULD say that! lol

Anyways, if you, for some reason, have to go out into the world without make-up on for the first time in a long time, please embrace it. It isn’t fair for us to feel so insecure for literally no reason. We are simply doing it to ourselves!

And look to my picture for inspo lol.


There is an affiliate link in this post for Athia Skin-Care. This is not a paid post. But I LOVE this skincare line and the night time moisturizer is seriously the best.

no make up